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Joseph Sapp

Doing the work of the evangelist

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I was raised as an armybrat, preacher's kid. My dad was a chaplain in the army. I was saved at the young age of twelve, but because of unforgiveness toward my dad, I was spiritually thrown in jail to be tortured at 18. (Mat. 18:21-35)During that time I completely lost my faith in God. God showed me just what he had saved me from and by the time I had reached 28 I was trying to kill myself. I trully thought that I was so evil that the world was better off without me. God had other plans. I stopped at a church half way through my third attempt. I stopped on Thursday night, I was determined to stay till the Sunday service. This Church I had attended when I was a kid. They talked with me on Thursday night but called the police on Friday morning. Some Christians! All I wanted was to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God existed because I knew only He could save me from myself. I didn't attempt again and found the answers I sought. It didn't happen until I forgave my dad though. I went to a different church in the area and all they talked about was money so I wrote the Pastor a nasty-gram about his lack of faith in God. My dad heard about it and asked me why I, an atheist, cared about what happens in the church. I told the truth and told him that I really wanted to believe. He was satisfied with that response and gave me Josh Mcdowell's "Evidence that Demands a Verdict". I tore through that book like there's no tomorrow and in the end it was Jesus' own words that I believed. He claimed to be the son of the living God and His words aren't the words of a liar or a madman. Now I have a burning desire to reach the lost with the good news of Jesus Christ.